Whither Trees

Trees are a good thing. Except when they’re not maintained and we lose them in midtown Phoenix.

[editor’s note: If you’ve checked out the edwardjensen.net website lately, you’ve noticed that it’s changed its look. A lot. We will write more on the transition for this week’s installment of the Friday Five.]

A quick hit for a Monday… Last week’s storm that brought a downpour to inner east Phoenix and Tempe and perhaps, even, a tornado (!!) south of downtown Phoenix (but also brought wind and fury without rain to Midtown had a casualty: this tree in front of Tapestry on Central on Central Avenue.

There is, correctly, a push for putting new trees in central-city Phoenix. I applaud it. But if there isn’t a push to maintain trees properly, then is it worth it? How many more trees must we lose before the City realizes that proper pruning is imperative?

More on this later.

Who’s for lightning?

A quick non-essay: A picture from midtown Phoenix of storms over the far far west Phoenix metropolitan area. Who’s for lightning?

combined lightning 31 july 2014

A quick non-essay: This picture is from last night’s storms over the far far west Phoenix metropolitan area. The mountain range you see is the White Tank Mountains, located about 27 miles (43 km) west of my flat in midtown Phoenix.

Quite the light show! And happy August!