Selected Projects

Central-City Phoenix Neighborhoods Mayoral Debate

Central-City Phoenix Neighborhoods Mayoral Debate

As then-President of the Board of the Midtown Neighborhood Association, I worked in conjunction with my counterparts at Downtown Voices Coalition and the Phoenix Downtown Neighborhood Alliance to present a mayoral debate on issues relevant to central-city Phoenix. KJZZ’s Christina Estes moderated and all four mayoral candidates were in attendance.

A Brief History of Midtown Phoenix

This was an hour-long lecture that outlined the history of Midtown Phoenix and explored some of the wider contexts for Phoenix’s post-World War II urban development. A Brief History of Midtown Phoenix was originally delivered on 29 April 2019.

Phoenix's Greater Encanto-Palmcroft Neighborhood book cover

Phoenix’s Greater Encanto-Palmcroft Neighborhood

Authors G.G. George and Leigh Conrad collaborated to write the definitive history of Phoenix’s Greater Encanto-Palmcroft Neighborhood. Their book shared the humble beginnings of one of Phoenix’s first suburban enclaves, the adjacent State Fair Grounds, and the efforts of neighborhood advocates to prevent these neighborhoods from being trashed by highways in the 1960s and 1970s. Today, … Continue reading “Phoenix’s Greater Encanto-Palmcroft Neighborhood”

Logo for The Downtown Phoenix Podcast

The Downtown Phoenix Podcast

The Downtown Phoenix Podcast was a project I created in 2014 to bring spacious conversation to issues relevant to the urban moment in Phoenix. The first (and, so far, only) series consisted of eight episodes featuring interviews and perspectives that weren’t normally a part of the urban Phoenix conversation.

The Arizona State Fair book cover

The Arizona State Fair

The follow-up book to Phoenix’s Greater Encanto-Palmcroft Neighborhood, author and neighborhood advocate G.G. George chronicled the history of the Arizona State Fair from its territorial days up to the present. I supported the project by managing image assets as well as providing original photography.

Tapestry on Central logo

Tapestry on Central

From 2015-2020, I worked with the Tapestry on Central Condominium Association to create and manage their technology infrastructure.