Edward Jensen headshotA note from Eddie… Contrary to what my writings might say, no, I don’t hate Phoenix. This is my hometown. I want it to succeed, whether I’m still living in Phoenix or if life takes me somewhere else.

If they’re offered, my criticisms on Phoenix are rooted in university studies in urban policy and a constant eagerness to learn what it is that makes cities tick. So far, what I’m seeing in Phoenix is not that. And again, because I want Phoenix to succeed, that makes me upset.

Because I want my hometown to succeed, there are some things that it has to address. For instance, how are we addressing sustainability (and not just solar panels on rooftops)? What are its plans to combat exurban sprawl and further migration of people and businesses from the central core? What about our water needs and lessening our effect on climate change? How do we make central-city Phoenix a place where people want to be vs. just a place people go? How do we make our urban public schools places to where now-trepidatious parents want to send their children instead of thinking they have to decamp for the exurbs?

If Phoenix is going to be a relevant city in the economy, it has to address those items. Addressing other items before that is a non-starter in my book. And that’s why I write and advocate.