Edward Jensen urban productions

1175618_549960435053342_1348297364_nIn early 2014, I launched my new urban affairs firm, Edward Jensen urban productions. We will connect people to ideas to create projects that leave a legacy of action.

Our Mission Statement, What We Do, and What We Will Achieve
The United States is home to thousands of cities and towns. Each of those has something special, something that makes it unique to those who are connected to it.  To us—to me—Phoenix has one irreplaceable quality that no other city will ever have: it is home.  We were born here, we live here, and we will make this place the best possible place for our children to call likewise.

As progressive urbanists, we are frustrated by what legislation and laws come from our State Capitol.  We are equally frustrated that Arizona sets the stage and policy limelight for Phoenix and not the other way around.  We are equally frustrated at the narrative that Phoenix and our metropolitan area has for being just endless golf courses, single family tract homes, and a place devoid of history, arts, and culture.

While there have been many instances in which we have been tempted to follow in the footsteps of those who have left Phoenix to seek greener pastures (and we certainly respect those decisions), we think that quitting on our hometown is premature when it has made good strides forward.  We recognize that the foundations for what we want have been set, even if at times it may seem like it is “one step forward, two steps back.”

In what we do, we seek to challenge those narratives.  Phoenix is a city on the rise; with the proper nudging, it will be a great city.  We recognize that policy and policy systems are equally important as urban design.  We hold as paramount the needs for this community to increase density, to adapt better to our climate, and to learn that being urban is not a bad thing.

We seek to create, share, and advance this narrative for Phoenix: “Progressive urbanism is celebrated here.”