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Camelback/Central LR station public art

Phoenix debates land use near light rail stations

The City of Phoenix is holding a forum to get citizen input on land use planning near light rail stations. For the Camelback/Central Ave light rail station, the forum is being held at the Days Inn at 502 W Camelback Rd on Thursday at 6:30pm.

The I-405 just north of Los Angeles. And one of many reasons why I

Living carfree is living carefree

I’m not worrying about the upcoming “Carmageddon” in Los Angeles this weekend. But not for the obvious reason you might suspect.

A question on Internet access

One of the few tech podcasts I listen to is CNET’s Buzz Out Loud (their podcast of indeterminate length). Inspired by a segment on today’s show, and a long-running conversation I have had with my tech friends, I ask:

On the shoulders of the Space Shuttle, America will continue the dream

The Space Shuttle spreads its wings for one last time.

The Empire State Building celebrates marriage equality. Here's a picture.

Woot! Now there’s marriage equality in New York!

The Empire State Building celebrates marriage equality. Here’s a picture.

Why save PBS?

Why save PBS?

via www.pbs.org This is why you save PBS.

IBM Watson: Countdown to Jeopardy!

http://www.youtube.com/e/dP4Jc5rGT1A via www.youtube.com This Monday: IBM Watson on Jeopardy!

Keepon, the dancing robot

And now for something completely cute.


I’m okay with living in this universe.

A timely republishing of an xkcd comic on misconceptions.

State of the Union 2011

http://www.youtube.com/e/-RSjbtJHi_Q via www.youtube.com Miss the State of the Union? Watch here, courtesy of YouTube and the PBS NewsHour.