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Friday Five: Transportation Improvements II

The Friday Five for August 29: More public transportation improvements for Phoenix.

transit to trailheads example

Transit to Trailheads

An easy fix to alleviate parking problems at Phoenix’s most beloved parks and preserves: create a Transit to Trailheads program.

The Friday Five: 427 Days

The (Almost) Friday Five: Transportation Improvements

The (Almost) Friday Five: Some thoughts on public transportation improvements in Phoenix in light of City Hall’s push to collect our feedback.


iPhone Emergency Alerts

Many of us with iPhones in Phoenix received a mobile emergency alert yesterday. Learn about your options to disable them if you want.

"Amsterdam Commute" by stephenrwalli/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Balancing Computing and Commuting

Planning ahead is a key part of commuting and one’s computing needs are something that should be considered in your travel planning.


iOS 6 and transit maps?

…in which we wonder about Apple’s new mapping application.

photo Michael Loke/Flickr (used under a CC license)

Youth Desire More Transportation Options

…in which I weigh in on some good news: Young people are driving less!

Filmed from a bus

Take the bus and let someone else worry about the driving. Then, while you’re riding, make a movie!