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Friday Five: Google Chromebook

Friday Five: Chromebooks

A couple of weeks with one of the Google Chromebooks. Is it right for you?


iOS 8: Hic sunt dracones

Updating to iOS 8 in the morning when it’s released? Be wary but be prepared: for there are dragons.


Another Day, Another Strikeout

News broke of a local company moving their HQ to farther-north Phoenix. This does not bode well for downtown Phoenix at all.


The Greenest Computer?

The greenest computer is the one that’s already there. Let’s focus on repair, not replacement.


Replay: Living post-password

With a couple edits, one of the things I’ve learned in 2014 is that passwords are evil. Learn how to overcome the inherent problems of passwords.

marching toward 2014

Computing in 2013: Things I’ve Learned

The world of computers and computing has changed drastically in 2013. What we thought we knew about safe computing has changed: here’s what I’ve learned.

"Amsterdam Commute" by stephenrwalli/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Balancing Computing and Commuting

Planning ahead is a key part of commuting and one’s computing needs are something that should be considered in your travel planning.

My Dell Latitude XT2

Latitude XT2 follow-up post

The follow-up post with observations and data on getting my Dell Latitude XT2 working with Ubuntu Linux.


A Facebook cautionary tale

I think that most everybody has a love-hate relationship with Facebook, undoubtedly the world’s most popular social network. Gosh, a major movie has been made about it! But in amid the positive utility value of keeping in touch with friends and family near and far, it just seems like day after day, Facebook just gets […]

My Dell Latitude XT2

Linux Chronicles: Dell Latitude XT2

It might seem difficult getting your new Dell Latitude XT2 to work with Ubuntu; however, taken one step at a time, it’s pretty easy.