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Phoenix, not Arizona: Geographical Ambiguity, Aiding, and Abetting

There’s a certain level of geographical ambiguity in the Phoenix metropolitan area.  Everything is branded as Arizona, which although it is technically correct, it is not exactly precise.  Or we’re the Valley of the Sun, which reminds us of endless summer.  I’m a strong believer in city identity: so we are (and we should be […]

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Why 2 (The Need for The Serious City)

Part 2 of the essay introducing and exploring the need for The Serious City. Continues on last week’s essay.

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Why 1 (a Primer for The Serious City)

The formal introduction of THE SERIOUS CITY, a new movement to consider why we do things, not just how, what, and where.

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Almost Missed: Central & McDowell

An apartment complex is proposed for a key corner in midtown Phoenix. This is a good thing, right? Think again. This is a missed opportunity.


Another Day, Another Strikeout

News broke of a local company moving their HQ to farther-north Phoenix. This does not bode well for downtown Phoenix at all.