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Phoenix Mayor Questions

Friday Five: Urban Dispatches

The Friday Urban Dispatch for 10 July 2015: comments on Roosevelt Row, civics lesson, and moving Phoenix.

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Good riddance

The Glendale City Council came to their sense to cancel their Arizona Coyotes contract. Let this be a call for the team to move west.

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On the Air: KJZZ interview on ASU Downtown Phoenix

Mark Brodie of KJZZ-FM in Phoenix sat down with me to ask some questions on ASU’s expansions into downtown Phoenix.

Friday Five: Phoenix City Council meetings

Friday Five: Improving City Council Meetings

Rethinking Phoenix City Council meetings is something that is important for civic and citizen engagement. Here are five different approaches to do that.

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Introducing the Eddie Number

In which we introduce The Eddie Number, a measurement of economic activity in a downtown.

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Blog News: New Facebook Page

Please join us on Facebook for the new “Thoughts from Edward Jensen” Facebook page.

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Friday Five: Transportation Improvements II

The Friday Five for August 29: More public transportation improvements for Phoenix.

The Friday Five: Moving Phoenix

The (Almost) Friday Five: Transportation Improvements

The (Almost) Friday Five: Some thoughts on public transportation improvements in Phoenix in light of City Hall’s push to collect our feedback.


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Friday Urban Dispatches: April 4

For Friday April 4: Friday Urban Dispatches are a unique boots-on-the-ground perspective of what’s happening in our own backyard of downtown Phoenix.