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The Valley’s Bikeability?

Interview from KAET’s Arizona Horizon on bicycling in the Valley. Biking is only as good as if it can get you where you want to go safely!


iOS 6 and transit maps?

…in which we wonder about Apple’s new mapping application.


Urban Fail: Bicycle Cellar at the Security Building isn’t happening

Another sad day for downtown Phoenix: The much-anticipated project to place a second store of The Bicycle Cellar here isn’t happening.


METRO light rail bicycle survey

METRO light rail wants your input on bicycle accessibility and integration on its trains and stations. Take this two-minute survey.


Systems and Sustainable Transportation

…in which I look at transportation as a system — not as bits and pieces — and ask others to join me.


Bicycle Tech: iPhones and Bicycling?

…in which I add a smartphone component to bicycles and bicycling.


Keep Bicycle and Pedestrian Funding in Federal Transportation!

…in which I express concern over HR 7, the latest Federal transportation bill that would gut sustainable transportation funding.


The Orange Dream Machine

In the wild at Giant Coffee in midtown Phoenix.


My new bicycle!

…in which I share the good news: I have a new bicycle!