Terminal 3 Stained Glass 1979-2019

Terminal 3 at Sky Harbor opened today. But there’s a hidden gem that merits a shout-out.

If you missed it, Terminal 3 (officially now the John S. McCain III Terminal 3) completed work on its main terminal headhouse and a new south concourse (F Gates). The facility is incredibly impressive and you might want to visit it soon.

But I’m not going to lie: Seeing the Ken Toney stained glass back on public display at Terminal 3 was nice to see. This was something that I worked with colleagues on the City’s Arts & Culture Commission and the City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture to make sure it was preserved. Previously above the escalator well in Terminal 3 from 1979 to 2015, it’s now displayed outside on the north curb by the parking garage. It appears like it will be backlit at night to see it in its full resplendent glory.

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